Farmec introduce the new Sulky XEOS Pneumatic Seed Drill.

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Sulky-Photo-Xeos-HDSulky, the major French manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders, seed drills and power harrows, have launched a brand new range of integrated pneumatic seed drills. The new XEOS Range is available in three models which are distinguished by their high level of innovation and performance.

Greater productivity is achieved thanks to giant hoppers,  large load opening for filling with big bags,  and capacities ranging  from 1000 litres  up to a full 1800 litre capacity in the HD and Pro models. Ease of loading is achieved with wide access platforms to the rear on the XEOS MD and conveniently to the side on the HD and Pro models.

  1. new Sulky Universal Metering System, 100% Sulky technology,  sows all seeds from OSR to beans without changing the splines.  Changing from small to large seeds is done through clutching which only takes a  few seconds and the new metering unit  provides record breaking sowing speed performance.

Accessibility and maximum efficiency - all adjustments have been centralised around the metering system unit for rapid calibration testing without disassembly. Complete ‘express’ emptying of the hopper only takes a matter of seconds  thanks to an ingeniously placed flap.

All XEOS models have a silent, slow-speed,  6 inch extra large fan producing large volumes of air and fitted with a large diameter intake with air filter as standard. Objective: to ensure that seed always hits  their target regardless of size or quantity.

The unique Sulky Adjustable Distribution System, ADS, ensures ‘excellent’ row separation according to the criteria of the German DLG even using the most sensitive seeds, such as peas and OSR. The long, ringed feeder column ensures perfect, consistent mixing of both air and seed. The unique design of the internal part of the head, free of any bounce zones, facilitates rapid and fluid seed  flow,  guaranteed in all conditions even on slopes and banks. Custom tramlining, the ability to shut off the distribution from every other row, or one row in 3, and the ability to change the tramlining track are features offered by the ADS System for greater convenience, accuracy and productivity.

Drilling systems include UNISOC 3R Suffolk coulters in 3 identical rows, giving 330mm of clearance between each row,  providing the ability to remove large volumes of plant debris, even with narrow  interrow  spacing.  The UNIDISC drilling system uses large diameter discs and flawless seed placement , thanks to the exclusive Sulky air vent which allows the seed to fall into the furrow under its own gravity with zero bounce. The CULTIDISC, which offers up to 80 kg of pressure for ‘forced’ depth control, are fitted exclusively to the ‘high performance’  XEOS PRO model. The large diameter and  the aggressiveness of the fluted discs  with integrated packer wheel and the exceptional 560mm clearance between the rows  translates into excellent suitability for non ploughing techniques. The uniform length of  the drilling units, the centralised parallelogram adjustment and the final consolidation ensure that the CULTIDISC  offers  exceptional consistency of seed placement depth.

With the optional Pilot Electronic Console in the cab, the driver has control of the metering mechanism at the tip of his fingers. In combination with the metering mechanism’s electric drive, the new Pilot Electronic Console provides half-drill shut off, automatic pre-load function and a range of services to enhance the performance of the XEOS drill range.

CULTILINE HR Power Harrows with the 3 year guarantee are the perfect partner for the XEOS Drill.

Prices start  at €13,510.00 for the new XEOS Drill.   

Full details are available from  FARMEC IRELAND LTD.  Tel.  01-8259289.

Brochure on Xeos Drill - Download in PDF format (4.65 mb)