The New MX Multipurpose Bucket, a truly versatile and robust tool for maximum efficiency

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MX-Photo-bucket-rotorResolutely remodelled, the latest generation of MX Multipurpose Buckets is available in six new widths.  Fully strengthened for maximum service life, it is also more versatile thanks to a grab linkage and increased capacity. Where versatility and performance meet cutting edge design...

Redesigned and streamlined, the new MX BMS bucket  is available in six new widths from 1.40m up to 2.45m.  Designed to improve your efficiency, its capacity has increased from 800 to 1450 litres depending on width, a 20% increase on the previous model.  Truly versatile, it has a wide grab opening, enabling it to grip all types of materials, including round bales!  The grab’s linkage width is always less than the buckets which means material can be gripped against a wall without its tines touching the wall.  Also, the very flat base of the bucket bottom guarantees perfect stability when carrying out digging or levelling work.

Optimum visibility at work

The new BMS is fitted with red tines for better visibility at work.  The linkage rams are strategically aligned with the loader arms, thus providing the driver with a clear operating view.

A bucket shielded from all shocks.

Fully reinforced base with wear pads and robust hitch connectors,  together with a very heavy section upper profile, provide optimum rigidity. Internal supports are replaced by a box section at the base for maximum strength,  and a wide section backer plate with a very thick shoe-type wear plate of 300 HB hardness guarantees a long service life.

A grab that passes the test with flying colours.

Perfect rigidity of the grab is guaranteed by side brackets positioned evenly along its entire width.  The ram hoses are fully protected and sheltered from falling objects by a shrewdly mounted guard under the grab.  Exclusive to MX the grab tines are inserted in a heavy section tube fitted with sockets.  And MX is the only manufacturer with 30mm diameter tines,  bevelled at the end for improved resistance and superior penetration when gripping very hard materials.  The pivoting system pins are fitted with dual-metal wear bushes.

Easy to use and time saving.

The new MX BMS unit hitches at a stroke thanks to the large V guides fitted behind the bucket.  The absence of internal supports means cleaning is easier and faster, materials do not stick and loading bulk materials and concentrates in buckets finally becomes practical.  In terms of the grab, changing a tine can be done very easily, in particular thanks to its non-conical mounting that does not cause seizing or jamming.  Lastly, a parking system is fitted as standard  to comfortably store hoses once the bucket  is unhitched.

Two options for an even higher performance.

A side flange kit to optimise the buckets capacity and a 400HB hardness counter blade for increased service life with very intensive and prolonged use.

MX Loaders and attachments are distributed in Ireland by Farmec Ireland Ltd., Clonross, Drumree, Co. Meath Tel. 01 8259289

MX Multipurpose bucket Brochure - Download in PDF format (4.13 mb)