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The New MX Multipurpose Bucket, a truly versatile and robust tool for maximum efficiency

MX-Photo-bucket-rotorResolutely remodelled, the latest generation of MX Multipurpose Buckets is available in six new widths.  Fully strengthened for maximum service life, it is also more versatile thanks to a grab linkage and increased capacity. Where versatility and performance meet cutting edge design...

Redesigned and streamlined, the new MX BMS bucket  is available in six new widths from 1.40m up to 2.45m.  Designed to improve your efficiency, its capacity has increased from 800 to 1450 litres depending on width, a 20% increase on the previous model.  Truly versatile, it has a wide grab opening, enabling it to grip all types of materials, including round bales!  The grab’s linkage width is always less than the buckets which means material can be gripped against a wall without its tines touching the wall.  Also, the very flat base of the bucket bottom guarantees perfect stability when carrying out digging or levelling work.

Optimum visibility at work

The new BMS is fitted with red tines for better visibility at work.  The linkage rams are strategically aligned with the loader arms, thus providing the driver with a clear operating view.

A bucket shielded from all shocks.

Fully reinforced base with wear pads and robust hitch connectors,  together with a very heavy section upper profile, provide optimum rigidity. Internal supports are replaced by a box section at the base for maximum strength,  and a wide section backer plate with a very thick shoe-type wear plate of 300 HB hardness guarantees a long service life.

A grab that passes the test with flying colours.

Perfect rigidity of the grab is guaranteed by side brackets positioned evenly along its entire width.  The ram hoses are fully protected and sheltered from falling objects by a shrewdly mounted guard under the grab.  Exclusive to MX the grab tines are inserted in a heavy section tube fitted with sockets.  And MX is the only manufacturer with 30mm diameter tines,  bevelled at the end for improved resistance and superior penetration when gripping very hard materials.  The pivoting system pins are fitted with dual-metal wear bushes.

Easy to use and time saving.

The new MX BMS unit hitches at a stroke thanks to the large V guides fitted behind the bucket.  The absence of internal supports means cleaning is easier and faster, materials do not stick and loading bulk materials and concentrates in buckets finally becomes practical.  In terms of the grab, changing a tine can be done very easily, in particular thanks to its non-conical mounting that does not cause seizing or jamming.  Lastly, a parking system is fitted as standard  to comfortably store hoses once the bucket  is unhitched.

Two options for an even higher performance.

A side flange kit to optimise the buckets capacity and a 400HB hardness counter blade for increased service life with very intensive and prolonged use.

MX Loaders and attachments are distributed in Ireland by Farmec Ireland Ltd., Clonross, Drumree, Co. Meath Tel. 01 8259289

MX Multipurpose bucket Brochure - Download in PDF format (4.13 mb)



Farmec introduce the new Sulky XEOS Pneumatic Seed Drill.

Sulky-Photo-Xeos-HDSulky, the major French manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders, seed drills and power harrows, have launched a brand new range of integrated pneumatic seed drills. The new XEOS Range is available in three models which are distinguished by their high level of innovation and performance.

Greater productivity is achieved thanks to giant hoppers,  large load opening for filling with big bags,  and capacities ranging  from 1000 litres  up to a full 1800 litre capacity in the HD and Pro models. Ease of loading is achieved with wide access platforms to the rear on the XEOS MD and conveniently to the side on the HD and Pro models.

The  new Sulky Universal Metering System, 100% Sulky technology,  sows all seeds from OSR to beans without changing the splines.  Changing from small to large seeds is done through clutching which only takes a  few seconds and the new metering unit  provides record breaking sowing speed performance.

Accessibility and maximum efficiency - all adjustments have been centralised around the metering system unit for rapid calibration testing without disassembly. Complete ‘express’ emptying of the hopper only takes a matter of seconds  thanks to an ingeniously placed flap.

All XEOS models have a silent, slow-speed,  6 inch extra large fan producing large volumes of air and fitted with a large diameter intake with air filter as standard. Objective: to ensure that seed always hits  their target regardless of size or quantity.

The unique Sulky Adjustable Distribution System, ADS, ensures ‘excellent’ row separation according to the criteria of the German DLG even using the most sensitive seeds, such as peas and OSR. The long, ringed feeder column ensures perfect, consistent mixing of both air and seed. The unique design of the internal part of the head, free of any bounce zones, facilitates rapid and fluid seed  flow,  guaranteed in all conditions even on slopes and banks. Custom tramlining, the ability to shut off the distribution from every other row, or one row in 3, and the ability to change the tramlining track are features offered by the ADS System for greater convenience, accuracy and productivity.

Drilling systems include UNISOC 3R Suffolk coulters in 3 identical rows, giving 330mm of clearance between each row,  providing the ability to remove large volumes of plant debris, even with narrow  interrow  spacing.  The UNIDISC drilling system uses large diameter discs and flawless seed placement , thanks to the exclusive Sulky air vent which allows the seed to fall into the furrow under its own gravity with zero bounce. The CULTIDISC, which offers up to 80 kg of pressure for ‘forced’ depth control, are fitted exclusively to the ‘high performance’  XEOS PRO model. The large diameter and  the aggressiveness of the fluted discs  with integrated packer wheel and the exceptional 560mm clearance between the rows  translates into excellent suitability for non ploughing techniques. The uniform length of  the drilling units, the centralised parallelogram adjustment and the final consolidation ensure that the CULTIDISC  offers  exceptional consistency of seed placement depth.

With the optional Pilot Electronic Console in the cab, the driver has control of the metering mechanism at the tip of his fingers. In combination with the metering mechanism’s electric drive, the new Pilot Electronic Console provides half-drill shut off, automatic pre-load function and a range of services to enhance the performance of the XEOS drill range.

CULTILINE HR Power Harrows with the 3 year guarantee are the perfect partner for the XEOS Drill.

Prices start  at €13,510.00 for the new XEOS Drill.   

Full details are available from  FARMEC IRELAND LTD.  Tel.  01-8259289.

Brochure on Xeos Drill - Download in PDF format (4.65 mb)


Farmec expand the Twose Hedgecutter Range in Ireland.

Twose-Photo-Twose-625tWith the start of the hedge cutting season imminent, Farmec Ireland Ltd.,  the sole distributors in Ireland, have announced an extended range of Twose hedge cutters.

Twose of Tiverton recently celebrated 180 years of manufacturing agricultural machinery. Now part of the giant Alamo group, Twose specialises in the production of hedge cutters in addition to a comprehensive range of agricultural machinery, with exports to countries around the world. Twose Hedge Cutters are manufactured at the groups Ludlow factory in Shropshire, England. This manufacturing plant has a long and successful  history, producing some of the world’s  premier hedge cutter brands including the Twose range.

The extended range of Twose Hedge Cutters includes compact machines suitable for tractors up to 45hp and extending up to the Model 625TLP, a really heavy duty, genuine 6.25 meter  reach  machine with telescopic  outer arm, parallel arm linkage and  fully independent hydraulic system with high power  cast iron pumps and motors. In all there are 15 models to chose from in the range with  specifications  and prices  to accommodate  both farmers and contractors.

There is a wide choice of flails types to deal with grass and hedge cutting with the popular T flail leading the way. The larger contractor models are available with three point linkage mounting or axle bracket sub frame mounting. Other features include 95 degree power slew and hydraulic safety break back , head  float and dual direction flail rotation.

The new DS Flail Head features double skin cowling  for greater strength and longer life. The drive line is contained within the width of the skid for a cleaner cut and better manoeuvrability and  features a twin pulley belt drive providing  superior  power and protection.  The contractor models are available with cable controls or the increasingly popular low pressure joystick controls.

Farmec have recently launched a 0% finance scheme which is proving to help Twose sales growth.

Garry Daly of Farmec said ‘Since we launched the extended Twose Hedge Cutter range and the Finance Scheme to our dealers in May of this year enquiries and sales have grown considerably’.

This  popular  quality range of machines, designed and built to cope with the tough conditions farmers and contractors have to cope with in the regular course of their work,  is available through a trained and experienced nationwide Twose dealer network which provides  a comprehensive parts and service backup.  

Further details available from Farmec Ireland Ltd., Tel 01 8259289




Twose-Photo5-Section-RollerTwose’s exceptional range of hydraulic folding rollers is now on sale in  Ireland and is available through the comprehensive dealer network of  Twose Irish Distributor,  Farmec Ireland Ltd.

The new Twose Hydraulic Folding Arable Rollers feature exceptional build quality, an innovative ring design that delivers the best in soil-care and productivity, and a wide range of sizes and models perfect for customers ranging from tillage farmers to large contractors.

Specially designed to break up ploughed soil and create a perfect seed bed for crops, the heavy-duty rollers excel in all soil types; protect the ground from moisture loss and erosion; and play a key role in maximising crop returns.

Key features include  robust heavy-duty steel construction that ensures the machine is built to last. Innovative  castellated  ring design that is unique to Twose and offers unrivalled clod-breaking and tilling performance.  Large wheels and tyres and secure easy-fold storage for safe,  fast transportation. Exceptional productivity with top-of-the-range models offering a market-leading 12.0m working width. Pivoting wing-sections closely follow the contours of the ground for best-performance

Twose Arable Rollers come in three different designs: five-section models,  heavy-duty three-section rollers with optional levelling boards, and standard three-section models. Each offers the customers a choice of three different ring designs. With rolling widths range from 6.0m to 12.0m there’s a perfect solution for everyone from  farmers to large-scale agricultural contractors.  

Farmec’s  Garry Daly believes the exceptional reach and innovative design of the hydraulic folding rollers will save customers time,  protect their valuable topsoil  and provide a significant boost in crop output.

He said: “We believe Twose’s superb new range of rollers is the best on the market. The new models are extremely robust and offer a wide choice to suit the market requirements. We have already seen a lot of interest in the new rollers and believe the range will prove extremely popular across the country.”

For full information  please contact Farmec Ireland Ltd on 01 8259289 



"A farm machinery "lifer" - Irish Farmers Monthly August 2013

"He came up through the business".  It's a commonly used phrase and in the case of Geoff Daly, it is completely apt.  In October 1959, he started out in the farm machinery business as a trainee salesman in McGee's of Ardee at the age of 19.  The starting salary was £6.00 per week!  Geoff's initial training, apart from his farming background consisted of a year in Warrenstown Agricultural College.  Some of the machine brands that Geoff sold back then are still familiar to us today, but many are now gone, either assumed into other brands or discontinued entirely.  The Jones Baler was a popular farmer choice in the 1960s.  Allman sprayers, Taskers spreaders and buck rakes, Kidd machines and the widely used Allis Chambers were farmyard names.  Geoff remembers Allis Chambers introducting the ED40 tractor back in 1963.  With a standard four-cylinder diesel engine it became a fixture on many Irish and UK farms.  McGees had a wholesale distribution business and some of the dealerships that Geoff visited have stood the test of time too with many, however, no longer active in the industry.  He recalled companies such as McKenzies of Cork, Barlows of Clonmel, Wexford Agricultural Machinery, Elm Motors Limerick, Kellys of Kilcock and Hopkins of Wicklow.  It was quie an exciting time to be involved in farm machinery sales with such innovative brands as the Vicon Acrobat rake and wagtail spreader beginning to take hold on the Irish farming scene.

Another Step

After a short interlude outside the machinery sales arena, Geoff took on the management of the newly created Kidd Irish sales division.  Kidd Ireland was to operate successfully until the early 1990s, with initial premises based on the Long Mile Road in Dublin and then at Knockmitten.  It was in the 1980s that Geofff began his long involvement with the FTMTA.  Initially introduced to the organisation by the late John Perry, he became a Council member and was actively involved on many of the FTMTA's sub-committees.  The ultimate accolade was conferred on Geoff in 1987 when he was elected as the 13th president of the organisation.  It was a good time to be at the top with agriculture going through one of its better periods and farm machinery sales benefiting.  The 274-strong membership figures of the FTMTA reflect this more prosperous time in Irish agriculture.  It was during Geoff's presidential tenure that the gestation of an indoor farm machinery show took place.  This culminated with the first biennial FTMTA Farm Mahinery Show opening in the RDS in February 1989.  The first year's attendance of 9000 people reflected the demand for such an exhibition.  By 2013, the attendance has grown to 18,000 plus.  This was a transformative initiative for the FTMTA and led on over a period of years to the establishment of the Grass and Muck farm mahcinery biennial demonsatration as well as the realisation that a dedicated Training centre was a necessary, indeed vital, adjunct for an organisation with the diverse training requirements its members require.  Again, change was in the offing with Kidd Farm Machinery being sold to the Danish company, Taarup, in 1991.  The headquarters for the newly formed Taarup Kidd Ireland was in Kilkenny.  A decision was made to provide representation for the valuable Lely franchise and Geoff Daly set up a separate company under the Lely Ireland brand.  This company provided the sales and service backup for Lely products across the country.  Lely Ireland had Twose Hedge Cutters, Gambetti Sprayers, Star Slurry Tankers and West Muckspreaders in its portfolio.

Daly's Farmec

Further changes in Lely International brought about another seismic shift in Geoff Daly's eventful career in the farm machinery business.  In 1994, together with his son, Garry, he formed Farmec Ireland Ltd.  Today, Farmec represents a range of well-known machinery brands.  These include Bargam sprayers, Twose hedge cutters, Sulky spreaders and seed drills, MX loaders, Fella grass machinery and two specialist golf course mahcinery manufacturers, Rogers and Woodbay.  Geoff's son Garry was elected the 25th President of the FTMTA in 2011.

Reflecting Change

In many ways Geoff's career in the farm machinery businesss reflects the changes and developments in the sector itself over the years.  He witnessed the brand and machine changes and developments over the past 50 years.  He was also intimately involved in many of the changes that occurred within the industry itself with amalgamations, takeovers, new franchises and companies being formed at regular intervals, reflecting at least some of the transformation that has occurered not only in Ireland but internationally over the period in the farm machinery sector.  The quite remarkable transfomation in tractor manufacturing is a case in point.  Gone are the familiar brand names such as Leyland, Ford, David Brown and many others. 

What is, perhaps most noteworthy and praiseworthy is the career development of Geoff himself.  He moved from salesman to management roles and ultimately to ownership of a successful farm machinery business, while all the time being fully involved in the development of the broader industry across the country as an active membe and officer of the FTMTA.

Download the Irish Farmers Monthly article August 2013 in pdf format