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Bargam is based at Imola in the northern part of Italy and is one of the largest producers of sprayers in Europe. The company has two manufacturing plants and specialises in the production  of agricultural and amenity sprayers. With over 30 years manufacturing experience, Bargam is one of three manufacturers in Europe that offers a full range of tractor mounted, trailed, self propelled  and amenity sprayers.  The company also has a large sprayer boom production and supplies boom kits to original sprayer manufacturers. All Bargam equipment is fully CE Compliant and the company‚Äôs products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide.  More than 2500 Bargam sprayers have been sold in Ireland over the past 20 years. To ensure a continuous supply and availability of spare parts and maintain  the future reliability of Bargam sprayers, only Annovi Reverberi (AR) piston diaphragm pumps and ARAG controls are specified in the production of Bargam Sprayers.

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The Bargam Agricultural sprayer range includes:

Tractor mounted sprayers


Tank capacities from 200 to 1300 litres

Manual folding booms 6 to 20 meters.


Tractor mounted sprayers


Tank capacities from 600 to 1600 litres

Hydraulic folding booms 12 to 30 metres.

Trailed Sprayers


Tank capacities from 1700 to 6200 litres

Hydraulic folding booms 15 to 42 metres.


Special BDL 09 b

Standard and air assisted

Widths 6 to 42 metres.

Self propelled Sprayers


Tank capacities from 1300 to 5000 litres

Hydraulic folding booms 15 to 42 metres.


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