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MX-Photo-Technic--U-LoaderMX is the leading French manufacturer of tractor front loaders and front linkages. Located near Rennes in the north west of France, the company  celebrated 60 years manufacturing farm equipment in 2011.  In the last three decades MX has become the specialist manufacturer of tractor loaders and front linkages for tractors from 15 hp to 230 hp. MX is recognised as leaders in innovation. The company’s  focus is dedicated to new technologies and practical designs  to make the farmers life easier and safer  so that he can fully exploit his tractor and loader combination.  Many MX devices have been patented by the MX design team.
The MX company’s wealth of manufacturing experience, sustained investment in research and development, innovative designs and quality of production makes them an essential partner in  agricultural loading equipment.  

MX consider a number of principles when developing their products, including listening to the needs of the end user, developing strong links with distributors and tractor manufacturers, extensive research and development into agricultural techniques, and  the use of state of the art manufacturing and design technology. These principles are an extension of the MX philosophy, to always make life easier for the farmer with the most automated loader available.

A wide experience of the agricultural market has allowed MX to develop loaders that provide solutions for the farmer by ensuring a perfect match between the loader specification and the power of the tractor.

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The MX Product Range.

MX offers the most comprehensive range of tractor front loaders, front linkages, bale handling equipment, feeding buckets and implements for  farm tractor and industrial loaders. The MPE 3 portable wireless weighing device has been specifically designed to complement  MX tractor loaders.

Technic Evolution Range


Six models. Range of control options

Utility U Loaders


Four Models. Practical economical loader.

Front Linkages


Five models. From 1000 to 3800 kg.

Manubal Bale Handling


Extensive range. For round and square bales.

Feeding Bucket


Five Models. Either side discharge.  Hydraulic drive.

Multi-purpose Bucket


Highly versatile implement for silage pick-up and bulk loading.

6 widths from 1.40 to 2.45 metres.



Here are some  compelling reasons to choose MX Tractor Front  Loaders:

Fast hitching and removal – For MX loaders only one single exit from the tractor cab is required to perform each operation.  All other loader manufacturers require the operator to leave the cab twice to hitch or remove their loader.  See very effective video demonstration on

Hydraulic self levelling – Increases actual lift and tear out capacity by up to 35% without any extra energy requirements from the tractor.

Superior Controllability – Flexpilot, low pressure oil over oil controls, are maintenance free, give really fast responses and requires just 10% of the effort compared to cable controls.  Smooth and supple action removes operator fatigue.  Smooth Propilot joystick cable controls are optional.

Panoramic Vision – fully integrated hydraulic circuit and levelling system provides an uninterrupted panoramic range of vision which means less stress on the operator.

Superior strength – really heavy duty sub-frame brackets, specific to each tractor, designed to distribute stress over the full length of the tractor.  Loader jib design, with a well positioned cross beam reinforced at each end, provides perfect stress distribution and guarantees unchallenged lateral rigidity and strength.

Increased comfort – Joystick controls individually positioned for each tractor make and model.

Reliability, simplicity and low maintenance with Bimetal (steel and bronze) bushes on all pivot points, wide supports to provide maximum stress distribution, easily accessible recessed grease points means reduced maintenance and much extended life expectancy.

Innovation - MX are leaders in innovation with the focus on new technologies and practical designs to make the farmers life easier and safer so that he can fully exploit his tractor and loader combination.  Many devices have been patented by the MX design team including the SCS system that synchronises bucket and grab movements and the ACS system which automatically repositions the bucket to a predetermined position, to name but two.

Competitive Pricing – Combined with the very high specification MX prices are very competitive and our Farmec Favourite prices for selected products are providing real value.

Loader Fitting Service -  MX loader brackets fit every time.  Our service provides for fitting the loader at the dealers premises – no need for the tractor to leave for a week or more to have the loader fitted. Fitting charges apply.

Colour coding – Loader colour coding available as an optional extra for all tractor makes.  Any colour is available!

Added Value - MX loaders superior and unique specifications will add value to your tractor.

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