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BFS-airbubbleBFS Air Bubble Jets are used by leading farmers and sprayer manufacturers worldwide.  This ground-breaking device draws in a mixture of air and liquid that is compressed as it is sprayed, resulting in spray droplets that contain air bubbles that reduces spray drift by up to 75% and ensures improved contact with the leaf surface to achieve excellent chemical efficacy. Simply fitted to any standard nozzle body, Air Bubble Jets operate at a pressure range of 2 to 4.5 bars at a fan angle of about 100 degrees. Nine colour coded size variations are available from 01 up to 06. BFS Air Bubble jets have been awarded Top LERAP 3 Star rating.

The BFS Air Bubble Jet  is classed as a pioneering air induction nozzle which quickly became a favourite with farmers when they saw the dramatic reduction in drift, and hence the lessened impact on the environment when spraying pesticides.

BFS Microwipe angledThe hand held Microwipe Weed Wiper has been specially developed for the application of systemic herbicides such as Roundup. The Microwipe has significant advantages over conventional methods for spot applications or treating sensitive areas. The concentrated herbicide within the Microwipe is applied only to those plants that the rope wick comes in contact with, leaving the surrounding plants uncontaminated. The Microwipe is also ideal for treatment of weeds in row crops, vegetable gardens, around trees, golf courses and any other places where conventional treatment would be too dangerous or difficult.