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Woodbay are the manufacturers of the world leading Greensiron Greens Roller and a range of equipment for the golf course industry. Located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada the company manufacture specialized turf maintenance equipment for golf courses, lawn bowls clubs and sports fields. The Greensiron is the market leader in greens rolling and comes with hydrostatic transmission and standard with transport trailer. Turf broom and ventilator attachment are optional equipment.

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The FCS 9200 is a 2.34 meter wide turf dethatcher with 4 free floating sections suitable for tractor linkage mounting. The unique spring load system creates a vibration in the tines that pulls up more wet and dry thatch. A wide range of Dynablade tungsten carbide tipped verti-cut blade are available to suit Toro, John Deere, Jacobsen, Graden and more..,



Roll your greens to perfection with our greensIRON 3900 golf greens roller, top rated by golf course superintendents everywhere. Wood Bay Turf Technologies' greensIRON 3900 turf roller will raise the standard of your greens to Tour quality. CONSISTENT, TOUR-QUALITY GREENS. Golfers will love the smooth putting surfaces achieved with the greensIRON 3900 turf roller. The greensIRON golf turf roller also has a light footprint, lighter than a person making a putt. FAST, EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL. The greensIRON 3900 golf greens roller's uniquely designed handle bars allow for ease of steering. The greensIRON 3900's Hydro-Gear makes the transition from one direction to the other very comfortable for even the least experienced operator. The greensIRON greens roller's rubber-tracked drive roller provides superior climbing ability on the steepest, undulating greens and approaches. Load and unload in seconds. LOW MAINTENANCE. The greensIRON 3900 golf roller has a very easy to maintain Hydro-Gear hydrostatic pump, hydraulic motor and Honda motor. Servicing the greensIRON 3900 takes only minutes with four grease points.

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